In 1992, building contractor Lynn Call collaborated with California architect and planner, Ray Kappe FAIA to establish Arc Con Associates Contractors. This design-build approach is a return to the traditional role of the Master Builder, integrating design and construction by simultaneously inviting engineers, consultants and craftsman into the planning process while budgets are still fluid. The project team reviews the economic, social, and environmental goals collaboratively. This approach reduces waste and redundancy while increasing value, accuracy and maximizing construction efficiency.
With advancements in new materials, new products and methods of construction, Arc Con has continued to evolve. Buildings can now generate more energy than they consume, and can purify more water than the inhabitants pollute. Virtually airtight buildings are possible; biological and chemical contaminates can be reduced or eliminated. A thoughtfully constructed space can actually promote the preservation and restoration of nature.
These advancements require new ways of approaching and integrating the project components. Lynn Call, architect, principal contractor and LEED green associate, with his team of architects, designers and craftsmen has developed a more intentional method of building construction. Arc Con provides intelligent solutions that benefit not only their clients but the communities they serve.